Are you:
-tired of renting and want your own place?
-a first time home buyer?
-looking to upgrage?
-looking to invest?


Dave Vance real estate


Ready to take your business to the next level? Your real estate expert is here to help.

Are you:
-interested in investments?
-thinking of renting out your current home to upgrade?
-transferring? Military?

Are you:
-thinking of selling your home?
-wanting to upgrade?
-moving/being transferred?

Looking for an opportunity? We have plenty to offer those who are ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated. It's a great time to be in real estate again.



Not very many agents can say they have a college degree.  I can say that. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business.  Within my degree I have marketing, advertising and other business skills.  I will use these skills for each of my clients to sell their home or help find a home.