Centerville was first settled by Thomas Grover in the fall of 1847. The community was originally known as Deuel Settlement, but was renamed to Cherry Creek after the Cherry family arrived. After an 1850 survey found the town was located precisely between Farmington and Bountiful, it became known as Centerville, and it was this name that stuck.

In 1849, Shadrach Roundy's family farmed in the general vicinity of Centerville, and in the winter of 1849 he built a grist mill on Deuel Creek. He also made molasses from corn stalks at this mill.
In 1851 a log school house was built in Centerville, but was replaced by an adobe building in 1854 by a much larger building in 1862.
Centerville was the home of Latter-day Saint church leader B. H. Roberts.
In 1869, the Utah Central Rail Road reached Centerville.
In December 2011 a severe wind storm caused power outages and over $8 million damage.

Ecclesiastical history

The first branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in Centerville was organized in 1850 with Sanford Porter as president. In 1852, Centerville was made a ward with Sanford Porter as bishop. In 1868, an LDS Sunday School was organized with Nathan Tanner Porter as president. In 1869, a Relief Society was organized with Mary Ann Harmon as president. In 1874, a branch of the United Order was organized in Centerville with William R. Smith as president. In December 1917, the Centerville Ward was divided into the Centerville 1st and Centerville 2nd Wards.[8] In 1930, the two Centerville Wards had a combined membership of 823.

Today, there are four stakes of the LDS Church in Centerville.

The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (ECOR) also resides in Centerville on 1131 N. Main Street. Originally organized in 1963 as a mission of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark to serve the Episcopalians in the southern part of Davis County, Utah, ECOR’s first services were held in the Bountiful Jeep Posse Clubhouse. Parish records indicate that there were approximately 50 members at that time.

Around 1967, the Very Reverend Wesley Frensdorff, Dean of St. Mark’s, and the Reverend Donald Mills facilitated the use of the Bountiful Community Church (BCC) for worship. As a result, ECOR began using the small Danforth Chapel at BCC for the next 25 years. The two congregations shared facilities, budget, committees, programs, church school, and one service each month. Problems, however, developed between the congregations and in 1993, ECOR separated from Bountiful Community Church to locate in an empty bank building in Centerville.

In 2000, Project Jubilee—an expansion effort funded by the Episcopal Diocese of Utah—purchased land for a new church building just south of the bank. Ground breaking for the new church took place in March 2001. The first service was held on Easter, 2002 and Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish dedicated the building on May 18, 2002. Today, the church hosts Sunday service with Holy Eucharist weekly at 10:00 AM. The Reverend Lyn Zill Briggs currently presides as rector and priest of the congregation.

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City in Utah
Centerville is a city in Davis County, Utah, United States. It is part of the Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 15,335 at the 2010 census. It is located adjacent to the easternmost part of the Great Salt Lake. Wikipedia
Area: 6 mi²
Population: 16,624 (2013)