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Top Realtor, Utah, Dave Vance Real Estate Team, Kaysville, Layton

Dave Vance has received many awards for his work and services.

These Awards include:

  • Multi-million dollar clubs
  • Power professional awards
  • Top Referring Partner
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Accomplishments include:

  • Associate Broker license
  • Bachelor Degree - Business
  • 2018 Co Chair Education Committee
  • 2019 Chair Education Committee
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Awards & Accomplishments

Real Estate Services

Whether you're a First-Time Home Buyer or looking for a second home, I am the Realtor that will help you find your next home. VIEW LISTINGS HERE


Financial Services

Buying a home involves more than finding a property that meets your needs – you also have to deal with the banks. Don't worry, my lenders are here to help, CLICK HERE.

When you're looking to buy a home, you want to know that you're in the best of hands. With my experience, I can proudly say I've learned a thing or two about real estate – and that knowledge helps you.