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Hooper is situated on the delta of the Weber River, the center of the town being three mile east of the shores of the Great Salt Lake and approximately twelve miles from the mouths of Ogden and Weber Canyons.  The Weber River flows through the northern part of town shortly before it pours its water into the Great Salt Lake.

The recorded history of Hooper begins with the experience of the trappers and government explorers.  John C. Fremont, accompanied by Kit Carson and others, passed down the river in a rubber boat through the present site of Hooper when they were on their way to explore the Great Salt Lake and Fremont's Island.

In the pioneer days of Utah the district now included in Hooper, then known as "Muskrat Springs," was used as a herd ground by the Honorable William H. Hooper, Utah's delegate to Congress, and others.  Captain Hooper ran his cattle from Clearfield to the Weber River.  In 1854 he built an adobe house shelter for his herdsmen.  It was located near what is known as Hale's Bend.  It was the first building in Hooper.  A monument erected by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers now stands near the location of the original heard house at approximately