North Ogden
City in Utah

North Ogden is a city in Weber County, Utah, United States. The population was 17,357 at the 2010 census. North Ogden is on SR-235, three miles north of Ogden. Wikipedia
Area: 6.5 mi²
Population: 18,019 (2013)

North Ogden was originally settled during the winter of 1850 by two sets of cattle ranchers from Ogden. The Campbells and the Riddles had been warned by Brigham Young not to venture from the fort in Ogden due to the troubles with the local Shoshone. After a few months wintering their cattle, they were forced to return to Ogden in fear of Shoshone reprisals. The following year, after the trouble with the Shoshone had been partially settled, Jonathan Campbell returned with a number of other families to permanently settle the spot.

One important early industry in the mid to late 19th century was the sugar beet industry, and a processing and canning plant was built in the town for this. The owner of the canning plant during its operation was David Ephriam Randall. North Ogden also built a spur from the Union Pacific Station in Ogden, called the "Dummy Line". Large fruit orchards were developed and their harvest became an economic staple for the community, with the establishment of the North Ogden Fruit Exchange in 1924. This became the region's first fruit cooperative, using the railroad to sell fruit on the interstate market.

In the 1930s, increasing demand for water led the city to officially incorporate on February 1, 1934.[4] David Gilbert Randall was elected the first mayor. He served in this position for ten years. That same decade saw the creation of the Cherry Days celebration on July 4. As North Ogden grew after World War II, it became a primary suburb for Ogden and other larger cities. Its industries flagged, and most agricultural areas began to be parcelled out for homes.[citation needed]

The Paramount Pictures logo, known as Majestic Mountain, was modeled after Ben Lomond Peak. William W. Hodkinson (known as the man to have invented Hollywood), a native of the Ogden area, initially drew the image on a napkin during a meeting in 1914. Ben Lomond is distinctly visible to the north of North Ogden.

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